Let's solve some tough business problems and look good doing it.
Hi, I'm Javon. Businesses hire me to build custom web and mobile applications that cut costs and increase productivity.
I'm a good fit if you:
Need more than just code

While fullstack development is my specialty, I'm passionate for creating products from idea to execution. I use my design and product strategy skills along with my development skills to keep products usable as well as functional.

Want to stay lean

If you're not ready for your first hire or need to supplement your small team with some extra manpower, check me out. I can help set up best practices with your product and team so when it's time to scale, you know exactly what to do.

Don't have enough hours in the day

Some of my favorite and projects have been those that took real world processes and digitized them. I can help you automate tedious parts of your business and give back meaningful data along the way.

  • MVP Development
  • Product Roadmapping
  • User & Competition Research
Web Development
  • Frontend Development
  • React / React Native
  • Ruby on Rails
UX & UI Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Sprints
  • Mobile Design
Past Work
2017 Q4 - 2018 Q1
SaaS Platform UX/Marketing site UX Redesign
Finance Industry
React, Sketch, Prototyping, Design Sprints

While working with this client I took part in a number of initiatives, including participating in and helping formulate Design Sprints, a set of practices for collaborative design and prototyping. I worked separately in two in teams of five and six, respectively, and rapidly built prototypes for each project to help the firm test and validate our direction.

2016 Q3 - 2017 Q3
Mobile Startup MVP (as a mobile developer)
Healthcare Industry
React Native, JavaScript

I was asked to return to help on this project, but this time I used my React Native skills to help their team build out their cross-platform app. When the time came to scale the project, I gladly helped the CEO transition his dev team onto the application so that they were equipped with everything they needed to face the future of the product.

2015 Q3- 2016 Q3
Business Management SaaS App
Construction Industry
SaaS Product, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Responsive Development, Docusign Integration

I was the full-stack developer building a suite of internal SaaS products for a local construction company. This project replaces hard-to-manage employee onboarding and safety paperwork and digitizes forms so back-office admins can approve items, automate payroll tasks, and do their job more effectively.

2015 Q1 - 2015 Q3
Mobile Startup MVP (as a backend developer)
Healthcare Industry
API Design, Database Design, Ruby on Rails, HIPAA Compliance, Geolocation

I worked in a team of 3 to design and build an API for a mobile startup MVP in the healthcare industry. My responsibilities included building endpoints that the mobile app would communicate with, architecting the design of our PostgreSQL database, and performing code reviews with my teammates.

2014 - 2016 Q3
Autism Referral SaaS App
Healthcare Industry
SaaS Product, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, HIPAA Compliance

A custom-built SaaS product for a business that helps home-based and district-based therapists log their appointments with special needs children. The site replaces paper forms by digitizing them, giving back meaningful reports for billing cycles in the process. I worked directly with the company to help them and now the site is used by over a hundred therapists with thousands of appointments being logged every month.

Online Marketplace Back-end
Real Estate Industry
API Design, REST, Python, Django

I was hired as a subcontractor to finish development of an API for a mobile-first web app MVP in the real estate industry. Challenges here included taking ownership of a codebase written by a past developer and working closely with a front-end developer to deliver a final product.

"The work that Javon did for us over the past few months was instrumental – not only towards advancing key initiatives within our firm but also introducing new ideas and methodologies that we will carry with us on future projects."

Sara Murphy
Director, Digital Solutions & Strategy at FS Investments

"Javon was able to help me bootstrap multiple SaaS products that saved my clients thousands per month and had their staff working smarter and more efficiently than ever."

Matt Monihan
CEO at Voyager Scientific LLC

"As an early contributor to our product, Javon engaged with our customer stakeholders day 0 and helped translate the complexity of our business into a foundational infrastructure (both service level and client-side). As we moved to scale the product and long term team, he seamlessly transitioned his MVP work to my engineering team."

Prashanth Donepudi
President & CTO at sinq Technologies

"I’ve worked with Javon on a number of web development projects and I can say he’ll make a valuable addition to any project. He’s a team player and is always reliable in his duties as a developer. Above all Javon is easy to work with and will have no problem cultivating strong relationships with you and your team."

Tom Piarulli
Independent Consultant

Hi, I'm Javon Harper. I've been building digital products since 2011 and shuttleport is a collection of work that I've done directly with businesses since 2014. Aside from my client work, my side projects include the music discovery website Goodnotes.io and personal productivity app Familiar.

I'm always interested in working on new projects.
Hire me if you're interested in building something together.