My name is Javon Harper.
Companies hire me to build custom web and mobile applications that cut costs and make money.
Recent Work
Business Management System (2015-2016)
Duration: 1 year, Skills: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Responsive Development, Docusign
I was the full-stack developer building a suite of internal cloud apps for a local construction company. This project replaces hard-to-manage employee onboarding and safety paperwork and digitizes forms so back-office admins can approve items, automate payroll tasks, and do their job more effectively.
Mobile Startup MVP (2015)
Duration: 6 months, Skills: Ruby on Rails, API Design, HIPAA Compliance, Geolocation
Worked in a team of 3 to design and build an API for a mobile startup MVP in the healthcare industry. My responsibilities included building endpoints that the mobile app would communicate with, architechting the design of our PostgreSQL database, and performing code reviews with my teammates.
Autism Referral System (2014-2016)
Duration: 1 1/2 Years, Skills: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, HIPAA Compliance
A custom-built product for a business that helps home-based and district-based therapists log their appointments with special needs children. The site replaces paper forms by digitizing them, giving back meaningful reports for billing cycles in the process. I worked directly with the company to help them and now the site is used by over a hundred therapists with thousands of appointments being logged every month.
Online Marketplace Back-End (2014)
Duration: 3 months, Skills: Python, Django, API Design
I was hired as a subcontractor to finish devlopment of an API for a mobile-first web app MVP in the real estate industry. Challenges here included taking ownership of a codebase written by a past developer and working closely with a front-end developer to deliver a final product.

Much of the work I do is for agencies and startups which contain non-disclosure clauses in our contracts. As such, for some projects I cannot delve into business goals, disclose specific company names, or link to websites.


Application Development

I love building web applications that solve real life problems. I specialize in front-end development, where I use tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build slick and robust UIs.

iOS & Mobile Web

I can bring your product to the mobile world, whether it's an app in the App Store or a responsive website that looks great on phones and tablets.

UX/UI Design

I like to build applications that look good. To me, ease of use is the most important feature.

About Shuttleport

Shuttleport is a collection of recent work by Philadelphia-based freelance web developer Javon Harper. Aside from his client work, his side projects include the music discovery website Goodnotes and personal productivity app Familiar.